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Tasnim, Fardiman, Sapuan, Nuzuliana, Ramdan & Rekan Public Accountant was founded with the objective of becoming your business partner to assist you in enhancing your business performance with our assurance, accounting and business advisory services. Tasnim, Fardiman, Sapuan, Nuzuliana, Ramdan & Rekan Public Accountant currently is supported by qualified Accountants, representing a unique synergy of professionals from various fields of industry expertise that enable us to perform a wide range of services. 

In order to get a wider perspective in providing our services, Tasnim, Fardiman, Sapuan, Nuzuliana, Ramdan & Rekan Public Accountant has been collaborating with Inpact, a global network of independent legal and accountancy firms, business consultants and legal advisers which Head Office located in London, United Kingdom, and represented by over 200 offices in more than 60 countries worldwide. This is to meet the demands of our clients that are mainly multi-national companies with cross border business activities.

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